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Most of what's on this site is static. If you want to know what's going on in my day-to-day life, read my journal.

There are a few things to be found here:

I am currently employed as a ClearCase/build guru here in central New Jersey. I get paid well, the hours are sane, and I telecommute two or three days a week. Thus, I am no longer actively seeking work. But if you're offering my dream job...

People occasionally ask me technical questions that are beyond the trivial. My expertise is my only saleable product, and my employers and clients have paid well for it over the years. I don't give it away for free to just anybody. You may have asked me something, to which I responded, "As soon as I see X dollars appear in my PayPal account, I'll answer your question." Click this button to make that payment:

(BTW, I lost Brian's first-year pictures when Hyperreal's disks died. I'll put the pix back up here as soon as I find my backup CDs.)

ed at horch dot org
Last modified: 18 October 2011